A Repeat Of Last Week

Published Tuesday 5/4 at 7:35 am

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Yesterday was a mixed bag. The sun broke through and aided in convection. Thunderstorms produced graupel in several areas. Snow fell in the higher elevations. As expected, areas further north did better with rain actually making it to the ground. At my house, there was rain and graupel, for about 26 seconds…

This week is going to end up looking a lot like last week. The ridge is going to build back in. Temperatures will be on the increase. A couple of systems will brush by to our north that will increase the pressure gradient causing windy conditions. The thermal pressure gradient will increase in the afternoons also leading to windy conditions.

Things could change next week as the ridge collapses and much of the northern half of the US will see below-average temperatures with the large pattern change.

The weather should be boring until the weekend. The GFS is trying to bring in spotty afternoon showers for the weekend. The Euro is holding off until Monday. I will be watching to see if anything comes together before then. If the long-term models are correct for the 10 day period beginning on Monday, May 10th, the weather could be interesting for people traveling back and forth between our region and the Front Range.

Tomorrow, I am going to do something I have not done in a while. I am going to write about the upcoming monsoon season. I will have that out by Wednesday afternoon.

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