Late Day Pop Up Storms Possible Today

Wednesday 5/19/21 7:30 am

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A few pop-up storms are possible this afternoon into this evening. Pin-pointing, exactly where that is going to happen, is difficult. Areas that received precipitation yesterday will be favored for thunderstorm development today. Today’s storms will be convection-driven. Leftover moisture in the atmosphere combines with daytime heating to produce the storms.

Thursday, at the moment, looks like a pretty pleasant day. On Friday the models are in very good agreement that a deep low-pressure system will finally track favorably over the area. I am trying not to get too excited about it yet. Most of the systems this spring have not had a favorable track for us. The models have had a favorable track for Friday’s system for a few days now. I may have to wash my car again before Friday, that may help.

Here are the latest model runs for precipitation through Saturday morning.





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One thought on “Late Day Pop Up Storms Possible Today

  1. Mark,
    I rely on followers to report their results. When I get no reports it is difficult to track. I did get a report from the Bayfield area of 1/2 inch of rain after midnight.

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