A Great Storm

Published Friday 5/21 at 4:50 pm

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There is a line of thunderstorms moving across the area. I am not sure if it will affect everyone. Bottom line, if you are going out for the evening you may need an umbrella. It looks like it will move from west to east through 8 pm.

I did not want anyone to be caught off-guard if this happens. Most of the forecast area has had 1 to 2.5 inches of precipitation. Mancos, Cortez, and Marvel, sorry.  DOT pros got 550 back open which is great.  Models are still showing thunderstorms developing on Saturday. As I mentioned before, this would be no surprise based on the precipitation totals. Our soil is finally saturated for the time being. This could add to tremendous energy for storms to fire tomorrow. We’ll see.

Next update Saturday morning, thanks for participating in the contest!

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5 thoughts on “A Great Storm

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Previous report of 2.25 inches at intersection of CR 228 and 502 was incorrect…it was 1.25 inches. Now see 1.6 inches. Steady/heavy rain with thunder right now. Sorry about the error.

  2. Sylvia McDaniel

    In Lake Hatcher in Pagosa Springs, we have received 1.62 inches of rain. Thank you Jesus!!!

  3. Jeff Wagner

    I’d go dig around outside before affirming that our soils are saturated, but yes, these storms are the best thing to happen this year so far.

  4. Sylvia McDaniel

    Update: Before we went to bed we had received 1.95 inches of rain. Last night it rained in the middle of the night and this morning our weather station shows 2 inches of rain received at the top of Hatcher Lake in Pagosa. What a great storm.

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