A Chance Of Scattered Showers And Thunderstorms Today

Published Saturday  5/22 at 8 am

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Let’s jump right in with the totals. These include what fell overnight in some of the northern portions of the forecast area.

  • Cortez .14″
  • Dolores .46″
  • North Mancos .48″
  • Telluride .78″
  • Ignacio near Oxford .96″
  • Pagosa Lakes .98″
  • Ouray 1.0″
  • Little Beaver Creek 1.31″
  • CR 223 area 1.36″
  • Forest Lakes 1.45″
  • Hesperus 1.45″
  • DWest2 1.49″
  • Downtown Durango 1.5″
  • Bear Creek 1.58″
  • Piedra 1.58″
  • South of Bayfield 1.62″
  • Rockwood 1.67″
  • Rafter J 1.7″
  • Loma Linda (Falfa) 1.77″
  • Upper Edgemont Highlands 1.8″
  • Lakewood Meadows 1.98″
  • Hwy 250 just north of Bread 2.12″
  • Hermosa Cliffs 2.28″
  • North Vallecito 2.46″

The cold front is still to our west and there is an abundance of moisture still in the atmosphere. We could see scattered showers and thunderstorms developing by late morning and throughout the afternoon. The areas that will be favored for development will be the areas that got the most rain yesterday.

The Canadian model and the Euro model are showing the highest accumulation potential. I don’t get to say this very often but the most accurate model was the Canadian model. I am not so confident it will repeat yesterday’s accurate forecast.





Thanks for all of the reports yesterday! If a thunderstorm pops up over you today let me know your location.

Thanks for following and participating in the contest!

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