A Chance Of Pop-Up Storms Today

Monday 5/31 8:30 am

What had been looking like a rainy day, is now looking like an afternoon of scattered thunderstorms. There is a significant amount of available energy (CAPE) to fuel thunderstorm development beginning around 10 am and continuing through the afternoon. These CAPE values are easily the highest of the year so far. High CAPE values don’t guarantee thunderstorms, but they do create the conditions necessary for pop-up thunderstorms to develop.

As is the case in these scenarios, it is extremely difficult to predict exactly where the storms will develop. Typically, higher elevations will be the first areas of development followed by the mid and lower elevations.

Here are the forecasted CAPE values between 9 am and 4 pm today. Generally, a CAPE value of 500 is necessary to fire up a thunderstorm. As you can see most areas will exceed those values during the day.

Have a great holiday, throw an umbrella in the back seat if you are venturing out. Send me an email if you end up under a storm today. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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3 thoughts on “A Chance Of Pop-Up Storms Today

  1. Tracy Murphy

    In town Dolores, overcast all day with rumbles to the east and south. Just started raining here.

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