A Quick Saturday Update

Saturday 6/26 9:40 am

There is a modest decrease in storm coverage today as slightly drier air builds in across the forecast area. Storms will favor the higher terrain above 8,500 feet. A stray shower cannot be ruled out across the entire region, especially in areas that had rain yesterday.

There were a few very impressive storm cells yesterday across the area, while other areas stayed mostly dry. I did not get a lot of storm reports, but accumulation amounts generally ranged from 1/8″ to 1/4″. There were a few impressive totals near Telluride ranging up to 3/4″.

So, more of the same today for the higher elevations. The lower and middle elevations can’t rule out a shower despite the drier air I mentioned earlier, as it looks like the CAPE values will be slightly elevated over yesterday.

Three of the four models still show some impressive totals for the upcoming week. The Euro diverged from the pack a bit yesterday. Tomorrow, I will post the upcoming totals again. We will see if the Euro trend continues or if it was just an anomalous run or two.

The next update will be Sunday morning. I will take a deeper dive into the upcoming week. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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One thought on “A Quick Saturday Update

  1. Kathy

    DVE received 1/2” of pea sized hail and .25 “ rain yesterday! Temp dropped to 50, it was a great storm cell!

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