Latest Hurricane Ida Forecast

Sunday 8/29/21 5:30 am MDT

I have had to revise some of the current local data as I write this, things are changing quickly.

Ida has strengthened to a  category 4 hurricane. 150 mph winds as of 6 am CDT with a pressure of 935 MB. Further strengthening is possible and highly likely. The model consensus shows landfall south of an area near Houma.

Here is the latest satellite imagery as of 6:20 am CDT.

Some of the outer bands are getting very close. I found a station SE of New Orleans that has been reporting 89 mph winds. It is circled in red below. This was recorded at 5:45 am CDT. *Update* at 6 am CDT there have been reports of 100 mph just west of this location. Things are changing rapidly.

Here is the latest maximum wind gust forecast from 6 am CDT through Tuesday morning. It is important to note that this model showed the maximum wind gust at this time at 71 mph. The actual was 89 mph.

Here is the maximum wind gust swath through Tuesday morning.

Here is a regional view of the maximum wind forecast.

Here is the regional maximum wind gust swath.

Here is the rain forecast. This is additional rain from 7 am CDT through Wednesday morning. Most of that rain will occur over the next 24 hours.

Here is a regional view of the same.

Here is the latest storm surge forecast. I would not be surprised to see this revised in the next couple of hours.

If you have a vested interest in this dangerous storm make sure you stay up to date with the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center as well as local emergency managers.

This concludes my Hurricane Ida coverage.

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