Wet Wednesday

9/1/21 9:15 am

Heavy rain is falling in  Southwest Utah, East-Central Utah, and Northeast Arizona. The main weather maker is still somewhere west of Vegas.

Locally the radar at first glance looks promising, but I suspect very little of that rain is making it to the surface yet.

The models are indicating that the rain will fill in across the forecast area between 10 am and 1 pm today. Other than that there is very poor agreement on how much rain will fall and where the bands will set up. This is usually the case for us. Let’s start with the more optimistic models and end with the most pessimistic model.



Here is the NDFD which is a National Weather Service blended model


WPC Weather Prediction Center blended model


If something changes with the models between now and this afternoon I will post again later today, otherwise, my next update will be Thursday morning. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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2 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Have 0.65-inch of rain on the ground at this time…intersection of CR 228 and 502. Sunshine visible under the clouds toward Durango. More tonight ?

  2. Frank Masiarz

    Got another 0.42-inch of rain overnight….intersection of CR 228 and 502. Total amount for the entire latest event is 1.07-inches. Awesome !!

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