The Models Are Sniffing Out a Pattern Change!

Thursday 9/23 1:30 pm

If you like the weather today, you have 2 to 3 days more of it. The GFS was the first model to see what appears to be a pattern change to cooler, wetter conditions. The German model was the first to agree. Now finally, the Euro model on its latest run is starting to agree. The Canadian has not yet come around and I will feel better when I see that.

The models are introducing scattered showers Sunday afternoon and Monday, with more widespread heavier showers Tuesday through Thursday. The GFS was the first model to pick up on base-level mountain snow in the Tuesday thru Thursday time period. This is very normal, if not a little late, for this time of year.

Here are the 10-day totals from the GFS and Euro. It is a little early to start dialing in on the details. As I said, this latest model run from the Euro was the first time this showed up.

Euro liquid

GFS liquid

Those are 10 totals. The German model only extends out 7 days. Here are those totals.

German 7-day-liquid.

Here is the latest GFS for snowfall.

Here was the GFS 12 hours earlier for snowfall.

This is fun to see. It looks like we may see some Aspens peaking this weekend. Here is a photo from a follower, Barbara Lawson. This was taken yesterday on the north side of Red Mountain Pass. They were hiking to the turntable on the old railroad bed. They were on the east side looking west.

It looks like I will have something to talk about, so my next update will be Friday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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