Friday Update

Friday October 1st, 8:50 am

So far so good! I briefly looked at some totals and saw amounts generally between 0.50″ and 1.50″. Up to this point, the southern portions of the forecast area have been favored. I plan to post all of the totals on Saturday, I will also include the monthly totals for September. It takes a couple of hours to compile all of that info and I don’t have the time to do it today. Also, I expect some areas to continue to get precipitation throughout the day.

Here is a great satellite view of the upper-level low which is currently spinning above NW New Mexico.

This low will continue to draw in moisture as it lifts to the northeast. Showers will favor the northern portions of the forecast area. Showers may also redevelop later today in the mid and lower elevations. I am not expecting anything significant in the lower elevations, we’ll see.

Isolated to scattered showers will return on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, once again favoring the northern portions of the forecast area.

The next chance for a more organized storm is Wednesday. The Euro and Canadian models are strongly advertising an event that would equal or exceed last night. The GFS is showing just a little bit of rain. This could all change, but I wanted to give you an early heads up.

Thanks for all of your rain reports. I will have a more extensive update on Saturday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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