Update On Tonight’s Snow

10/18 Monday 1:30 pm

The latest model runs are indicating that we will see light snow stretching from NW to SE from Telluride to Wolf Creek Pass. Amounts will remain light (1 to 4 inches). Models are now in agreement that the precipitation will start around midnight. It would not surprise me to see an inch or so around Purgatory. The snow level may drop to 8,200 feet. This could lead to what we call “normal winter driving conditions” especially over the passes.

I hate to say I am going to cover something in my next update then not do it. Unfortunately, I am going to delay my discussion on the potential for a pattern change until tomorrow morning. After complaining about the models being out of sync this morning, they all came together for the most part for tonight. That led me down a different rabbit hole and I did not have a proper amount of time to put into next week. I will cover that Tuesday morning.

My next update should be out around 9:30 Tuesday morning. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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