Tuesday Afternoon Update

11/23/21 Tuesday 3:15 pm

My update is a little later than normal today because I had to finish up the last-minute Thanksgiving shopping. Hopefully, everyone is finished with their shopping because it was pretty crazy today. Here are a couple of highlights from today then I will move on to the weather. City Market north is out of mushrooms and low on fresh herbs. Albertsons decided it would be a good idea to reset their cheese wall. There is no cheese there at all, I was informed that there was “some” cheese in a cooler near the roses… I went to Speedway on 160 to fulfill my promise of washing my car. I didn’t just get the cheap one either. While there, I witnessed a woman driving away from the pump with the gas nozzle still attached-she ripped it right off the pump, hose included. To her credit, she did go in and tell the attendant. If you have to go out tomorrow, good luck!

Right on cue, the snow levels started lowering earlier this afternoon. Snow is currently accumulating on the 550 passes. It is starting to mist at my house at 7,450 feet. The atmosphere is moistening up nicely.

As far as the models go, the high-resolution models are still showing the potential for some upside surprises. The models are suggesting that the SW low will merge with the NW trough and cold front, how and when that happens could lead to a variety of results.

I think a safe forecast is 2 to 5 inches of snow between 7,400 feet and 8,200 feet. 3 to 6 inches of snow above 8,500 feet. 0 to 2 inches of snow between 6,500 and 7,200 feet. I won’t rule out some upside surprises for the resorts, Mayday, and CR 240 areas above 8,000 feet.

My next update will be Wednesday morning. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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