The Front Is Approaching

12/15/21 Wednesday 3:45 am

Temperatures are starting to drop dramatically just west of Cortez. The Winter Storm Warnings are not going to be warranted for snow. However, the frontal passage is going to be dramatic. The high temperatures have already been reached for the day. Areas of eastern Utah had wind gusts of 70+ mph with the frontal passage. The winds are already a factor in the higher elevations with gusts up to 69 at Wolf Creek. I never give up on the snow this early, although, I did not expect this dramatic warming overnight in advance of the front.

UPDATED Since I started writing this the temperature in Cortez dropped 15 degrees in 30 minutes and they are getting heavy snow. A heavy snow band is just west of Mancos. Here we go!

I will update again in a couple of hours.

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10 thoughts on “The Front Is Approaching

    1. Didn’t observe any lightning or thunder up here in Silverton… but conditions are/were “exhilarating!” Crazy winds, dumping snow, and, now, temps are going off the cliff. Glad I got my run in early today!

  1. Rory

    I think we’re all up with you on this one.
    Downtown Durango at 4:15, wind, snow, a couple strikes of lightning with some thunder..

  2. Kathleen Costello

    It’s as dramatic as you predicted! Wind, lightning, thunder, sleet all woke me up in the north Animas Valley.

    1. Kearney

      Woke up 345, hellacious winds knocked over garbage cans… went to pick up and blammo lightning and thunder, only seen that once in Nevada’s eastern side. Farmington got messed up

  3. Ren

    Same here at 502&228. At 4:30 I saw the same graph (and thunder woke me up). Went from 35F to 23F in minutes. Heavy wind and horizontal snow. Little lightning too.

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