The Latest On Next Week’s Storm(s)

12/17/21 Friday 8:30 am

The operational version of the Euro seems to be struggling with next week’s storm(s). It is anomalous to not only the Canadian and the GFS, but also to its own ensemble family members.

Timing the storms is an issue with all of the models. All I know is that a couple of systems may be coming our way between Wednesday and Sunday.  I have reason to believe there will be better model agreement within the next 72 hours, hopefully less than that.

Here are the latest model runs showing precipitation totals through December 26th.

Latest GFS operational

Latest Canadian operational

Latest Euro operational

Previous Euro operational

Latest Euro ensembles’ mean

The Euro operational is not only struggling from run to run, but its latest run is anomalous to the average run of the other 50 model members. Stay tuned…

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