Travel Advisory

12/27/21 Monday 4:50 am

My email box filled up yesterday while I took some downtime in advance of what is going to be a very busy week.

The majority of emails were from travelers who were stranded or were trying to find alternate routes back to Durango or back to their homes. The best travel window over Wolf Creek will be mid-morning Monday. They have been closing it periodically, so you may have to wait for it to reopen.

Don’t try to take some obscure route over a mountain pass that is not on a major highway. Google Maps has gotten a lot of people into dangerous situations by suggesting “alternate routes”.

Just because today is the best window to travel Wolf Creek, it does not mean it will be easy. There are very extreme winter driving conditions up there and travel should only be attempted if you have no other choice and a well-equipped 4-wheel drive vehicle. I will have a detailed update around 9 am, but I wanted to reach people who are traveling this morning.

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One thought on “Travel Advisory

  1. Kristin

    My in-laws had to get back to Denver from Durango yesterday and decided on a southerly route through Santa Fe. It took a few extra t, but the conditions were great.

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