Wednesday Update

1/5/22 Wednesday Noon

Occasional on and off light snow showers will fall over the northern portions of the forecast area. By Saturday, the showers could develop over the rest of the forecast area. At the moment, it looks like up to 2 inches could fall at Purgatory, Wolf Creek could see 3 inches, and Telluride could see 4 inches between now and Sunday morning.

Yesterday, I talked about the high-pressure ridge building in over the forecast area. I also mention that the good news is, that with the split flow of the jet stream, the ridge would be “dirty” and may allow a couple of systems to come under the ridge and bring us some precipitation.

It is way too early to talk about it, but the GFS and Canadian models are already trying to bring something in between Tuesday and Thursday, We’ll see.

Somebody emailed me wondering about the snowfall total for Rico. My contact there told me he had kept track from 12/23- 1/1. He said the total was 55 inches. To the person who asked me about this, I accidentally deleted your email, but I hope that helps.

My next update will be Friday afternoon. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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