Light Snow Saturday

1/7/22 12:10 pm

Wednesday night 2 to 3 inches of snow fell on the 550 passes and Silverton. One of my Silverton followers called it “an inconsequential storm”.

Tomorrow, snow will be a little more widespread, but with similar results. 2 to 4 inches for Telluride, Silverton, Rico, Lizard Head, and the 550 passes. Generally 1 to 3 inches for Purgatory and the surrounding areas above 8,500 feet. I also expect 1 to 3 inches for Wolf Creek. Below 8,500 feet only a heavy dusting is possible.

The models are in good agreement that Sunday through Tuesday will be non-eventful and boring. The models are mixed regarding Wednesday through Friday. A couple of the models are showing not necessarily a big storm, but potentially a messy storm with some ice in the lower elevations. Too early to worry about that right now.

My next update will be Sunday and I am hoping we can start looking a little long into the future. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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