Quick Monday Update

Monday 1/10/22 1:30 pm

There is still poor model agreement regarding whether or not a rogue weather system will make its way into Southwest Colorado later this week and weekend. The German and Canadian operational models are suddenly very aggressive with their precipitation forecasts for that time period. It caught me off guard. The Euro and GFS operational models now show a complete miss–nothing.

The German and Canadian models show the precipitation build in on Friday and last through Saturday(German) or Sunday (Canadian). They no longer show an ice event but mostly snow.

To be honest, it is difficult to take the German and Canadian models seriously at this point. When I look at the ensemble models, they do not support anything more than a very small, weak storm at best. As I said, the operational versions of the GFS and Euro show nothing at all.

Until I see some more confirmation in the GFS or Euro operational models I am not going to worry about it. However, I will definitely be keeping an eye on the situation.

My next update will be Tuesday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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