Bring On February!

1/23/22 Sunday 6:50 am

This week we will see another nuisance system roll through around Tuesday. It will be similar to last Friday which barely dropped an inch on the 550 passes. I am not going to put a lot of faith or energy into it.

Let’s face it, January has sucked. It sucked because of the weather, it sucked for me personally. The good thing about crappy weather patterns is they don’t last forever. The seasonal weather models saw a change coming for February a while back. Now that we are getting closer to February, those changes are starting to show up on the two-week ensemble models. Those of you who have followed me for years know that it always snows within a day on either side of my birthday. Many times it falls on my birthday. I have referred to it as my birthday storm. That is coming up in less than two weeks so we know a pattern change is on the way!

The best guess at this point for the nuisance storm is Tuesday afternoon/evening. It is the same type of split-flow setup that always confuses the models. I expect very little out of it, that is why I call it a nuisance storm.

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