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Friday 2/4/22 8:20 am

Well, the sun is out. It is as if the sun is trying to mock the fact that I did not get a birthday storm this year. The pre-birthday storm was fine. Actually, it was very impressive for Wolf Creek. I did not expect WC to get 27 inches of snow up there all said and done. It was right in front of me for a couple of days on the GFS, but I trimmed back its high expectations for my final forecast.

Temperatures will moderate slightly over the weekend but will remain below normal until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Boring weather is back on the table. The ridge in the west is coming back. The eastern half of the country will likely see another significant trough and storm developing by mid to late next week.

Colorado may see scattered snow showers develop along the continental divide around 2/9 and 2/13. The best guess for a pattern change is showing up on most of the long-term ensemble models after February 15th.

Here is the GFS ensemble model in motion beginning on Tuesday, February 8th ending February Saturday, February 19th.

Winter is far from over according to the extended models. Here is the snowfall forecast from February 15th-March 9th.


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