2/6/22 Sunday 7 am

I would much rather be talking about an upcoming storm or reporting storm totals than complaining about weather models (again). Here are the forecasted temperature anomalies for the next 7 days from the GEFS ensemble model, the European ensemble, and the Canadian ensemble model.

The colors correlate with the temperature graphic on the bottom of the image and show how much warmer or cooler than average the temperatures are forecasted to be. Notice how differently the models handle the temperature anomalies in the southwest.

When I see this:  GFS

And this: Euro

Then this:  Canadian

I gotta do this

When the models disagree as much as they do now, I can’t trust them. So I am giving them a timeout. I am going to continue to watch the model runs like I always do, but in the short term, there is nothing at all to talk about. If I see something that is worth mentioning I will post it. In the longer term, it still looks like the pattern could change in about 10 days.


My next post will be when I see something worth mentioning or by the end of the week–whichever comes first. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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