Precipitation Moves Back Into The Area On Wednesday

2/14/22 Monday 7:45 am

There is still a lot of model disagreement on the exact track this system will take, and how much precipitation it will produce. However, the models are already in good agreement that a more significant storm will move into the area next Tuesday 2/22, or Wednesday 2/23. In a way, this storm clears the way for the next one.

Winds are going to switch to the southwest, bringing in slightly warmer temperatures and the potential for some gusty winds on Tuesday. The weather conditions would normally meet the requirements for red flag warnings, but in their forecast discussion this morning the NWS did not feel there were enough dry fuels in place to meet the criteria.

The system coming in on Wednesday is not going to be a big snow producer and if you are in the lower elevations it may even bring a little rain. The models are currently indicating 4 to 10 inches of snow for the higher elevations. That could change between now and when the system arrives. I will have a more detailed forecast on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

My next update will be Tuesday. I am encouraged with what I am seeing in the longer term and I will be getting back to posting more regularly this week. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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