Wednesday Storm Update

2/15/22 Tuesday 12:25 pm

Yet another small splitting system, and another predicament for weather models. I want to favor the GFS model for this storm. It is making the most of this system. It has been the better model overall this winter. My problem is that this type of system has major implications downstream when it rolls into the midwest. Usually in this type of scenario, the system rushes by us then cranks up the development and steals away any leftover energy in our area.

Here are the latest model runs. I included the snow forecast from the GFS–the amounts on the Euro would be small enough that it does not really matter.

Euro liquid

GFS liquid

GFS snow

According to the latest model runs, the precipitation should start before noon tomorrow (Wednesday). I am going to hold off on my forecast until I see 3 more runs from the GFS. I would be surprised if the Euro changes much but obviously, I will take that into consideration as well. My money is still on next week’s storm. I will talk more about that on Thursday.

My next update should be out by 9:30 am Wednesday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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