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3/2/22 Wednesday 1:30 pm

The operational models continue to increase the precipitation totals for this weekend. The details are slow to emerge but it looks like the snow levels will be pretty high until late Friday night. I do expect travel impacts over the passes.

I think this is mostly going to be a sloppy mess for the lower elevations. The higher sun angle really impacted accumulations below 8000 feet last storm. This storm does not have as much cold air behind it. The good news is precipitation in any form is a good thing. I do expect this first storm cycle to boost our snowpack.

The GFS has done well with higher elevation precipitation totals this winter. It continues to lead the pack this time around.

Here are the liquid precipitation forecast totals through Monday morning from the operational models.





I am not going to have a good handle on snow levels and snow to liquid ratios until Friday.

My next update will be sometime on Thursday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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