The Next Round Is On The Way

3/5/22 Saturday 1 pm

Snow will return to the forecast area and begin to increase in intensity depending on your location, between 4 pm and 9 pm.

The morning model runs are showing a better chance for snow tonight than last night. We have a couple of things going for us that we did not have yesterday. It is colder and the atmosphere is better primed for precipitation.

Here is the latest surface map showing a lot of activity to our west.

I did not hear any thunder yesterday but a number of lighting strikes occurred throughout the forecast area. The CAPE forecast indicates that we could see another round of convection this afternoon into the evening.

I am making no changes to my high elevation forecasts other than to note that we may see some leftovers with snow possibly redeveloping on Monday into Monday night.

For everyone else, it is a bit tricky. The Euro and German models are suggesting that there could be a band of heavy snow developing tonight along and south of the hwy 160 corridor. I did not take that into consideration for my low elevation forecast.

Mid and low elevation snow totals tonight through Monday morning

Areas below 7,000 feet:  2 to 4 inches

7,100 to 7,800:  3 to 6 inches

*7,800 to 8,400 feet:  4 to 8 inches

*Higher amounts are possible in and near Lemon,  Vallecito, Rockwood,  Glacier Club, and Pagosa Springs.

Unless I see something interesting later this afternoon, my next update will be on Sunday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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