Were Not Done Yet…

3/6/22 Sunday 10 am

Thanks for all of your snow reports. Please keep track of your totals and we will tally everything up Tuesday morning.

There are a lot of leftovers with this wave of the cycle. They are very difficult to forecast and at times you will think the snow is done for good only to see another band of snow develop an hour later.

The third wave will develop on Monday into Monday night. At this time it does not look nearly as strong as what came through last night. Oddly enough, the last two runs of the Euro yesterday morning were the most accurate. The heavy snow bands I mentioned did materialize over the southern portions of the forecast area. They delivered much more than what was expected. The model had been such a letdown so far this winter that I discounted those runs in my forecast.

So for the rest of the day expect scattered occasional snow showers mainly during the day. This evening and overnight we should be in a bit of a lull until Monday morning. Late morning the next and final wave of this storm cycle will rotate through the area.

As I said earlier, keep track of your totals, feel free to report them at any time. However, I don’t have the ability to keep track of them so let me know your final totals on Tuesday morning.

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