Bonus Snow Last Night–Next Storm Arrives Wednesday

3/7/22 Monday 8 am

I was happily surprised to see an additional 3 more inches of snowfall overnight at my house. Purgatory and Wolf Creek picked up a little more as well. All of the higher elevation areas will be favored for additional accumulations later today and into the evening. I won’t rule out more snow for all areas because every wave of this storm cycle has been unpredictable. The entire forecast area has outperformed my forecast minimums.

Tuesday we will have a short break before another storm cycle kicks in Wednesday through Friday. Models are a bit mixed still with their forecast totals. The Canadian is very aggressive and shows significant totals for the entire forecast area. The GFS is forecasting decent totals for the northern portions of the forecast area. The Euro portrays a moderate event across the entire forecast area. The Euro has under forecasted the higher elevations all winter.

I had over 75 snow reports yesterday I read every one of them. I hope everyone has kept track of the totals and will send me a final report Tuesday morning. I plan to do an update on the storm totals tomorrow morning and a preliminary forecast for the next storm cycle later in the day on Tuesday.

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