A Cooler Wetter Pattern Next Week

3/25/22 Friday 1 pm

Confidence is increasing in the first system which will make landfall on the  California Coast on Monday morning. Details are still a little murky. This is not going to be a cold system but areas above 9,000 feet will get snow.

With the high angle of the sun, it is very difficult to retain impactful accumulations of snow in the mid and lower elevation areas. In other words, despite the snow and rain-snow mix, I do not expect an impact on most of the roads at this time.

The second system is still suspect but the models are leaning towards a Thursday-Friday event. The Euro and Canadian are showing some leftovers on Saturday into Sunday.  As I have said a number of times when you have these multi-day systems or back-to-back storms, the models struggle on the individual details on a day-by-day basis. They tend to do better when you look at the entire cycle. So for now, I will keep showing the storm cycle totals rather than day-to-day totals.

Here is the latest Euro run put into motion, beginning on Monday. The Euro is still the most aggressive with the system showing bountiful precipitation across the entire forecast area.

Here are the latest forecasted liquid precipitation totals from Monday through Sunday, April 3rd. This does not mean that I expect precipitation to fall nonstop that entire period




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