Boring Weather Watch–Then Stormy Next Week

4/4/22 Monday 1:25 pm

The little system fizzled out after dropping about an inch over most mountain areas. The exception was Wolf Creek Pass where 4 inches of snow fell.

There is not going to be a lot to talk about in the short term, but heads up, next week looks like colder and stormy conditions will return. Models are (and have been for a while) hinting at some significant snow in the mountains.

It is too early for any details but here is an early look from the GFS ensemble model. The yellows and whites are neutral zonal flow. The deeper yellows and orange and reds are high-pressure ridges. The blues and greens are indicative of low pressure and stormy conditions.

This begins with a strong ridge overhead on Thursday. Sunday and Monday you will see the pattern changing and lasting through much of next week. Then the last system departs around April 16th.

I will be posting every other day or so until the weekend. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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