Severe Storms For The Midwest

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4/11/22 Monday 5:15 am

There is a lot to talk about weatherwise this morning. Tornado season 2022 part two is going to be very newsworthy over the next 3 days. Tornado season has several mini-seasons and is triggered by cold storms coming out of the Intermountain West.

The cold air crashes with the warm air usually moving north from the Gulf of Mexico. As we get into April and May the warm air moves further north into the midwest. Tornados usually peak in May but are completely normal further south in February and November.

I have gotten a surprising number of emails about this convective outbreak. I usually wait to mention something occurring outside of our region until people ask me about it. If you have ever read any articles about me you know I grew up in the midwest and tornadoes fascinate me. If I still lived there today there is no doubt I would be out chasing them, especially because of the sophisticated technology that is available these days.

Here is the convective outlook for today. The orange shaded areas show an enhanced area of convection. Convection equates to severe storms. On a severity scale enhanced is 3 out of 5.

Here is today’s Tornado outlook. This shows a 10% chance of an EF2 to EF 5 tornado occurring in within 25 miles of any point in the gold-shaded area.

Here is the hail outlook for today. The area shaded in orange has a 30% chance for hail at least 2 inches in diameter.

On Tuesday, the threatened area grows significantly into the midwest where I grew up.

Tuesday’s convective outlook.

Tuesday’s Tornado Outlook, notice the tornado threat extending from southern Oklahoma to northern Iowa.

Here is Tuesday’s Hail Outlook extending from Austin, Texas to Northern Iowa. The orange shaded area shows a 30%+ chance of hail 2 inches in diameter or larger.

The SPC issues fewer details for convection after 2 days. On Wednesday, the favored area will be just to the east of where it is Tuesday.

If enough people want me to do these updates during severe weather season I will. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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  1. Leif Rudd

    Yep, thanks. I’m interested in seeing highlights for other areas, especially the midwest since I have family in several areas. The PNW has Cliff Mass, and we have you. Great work!

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