Local Forecast & May Outlook

4/30/22 Saturday 7:40 am
We have been in a pattern with frequent storms passing to our north, clipping the northern portions of the forecast area with light precipitation. Very little precipitation if any makes it to the southern portions of the forecast area and the lower elevations. This will continue this week with the next system passing to our north very late Sunday/very early Monday. Snow will be possible in the higher elevations.
Starting Sunday at 9 am through Monday at 6 pm
The next frames show a series of systems and lulls between Tuesday evening and Friday morning. This could change between now and then but this is the Euro’s latest idea.
It looks more productive than it actually is. The heavier precipitation develops north and east of most of our forecast area. Here are the latest forecast precipitation totals for the week ending Friday morning.
Liquid equivalent
This particular run was pretty cold. Here are the projected snow totals. We’ll see, assuming it is correct it will be very difficult with the sun angle for much of this to stick to the pavement.
It appears this type of pattern is going to stick around for a while. Here are the May outlooks for precipitation and temperature.
Precipitation anomaly–below average through May.
Temperature anomaly–slightly below average through May.
These runs tell me that this pattern will continue–frequent storms passing to our north with above-average precipitation in the Northern Plains and Midwest.
Here is the good news, May and June are historically (dating back to 1894) our driest two months of the year.
Long-term projections show an active Monsoon season. I expect this dry pattern to continue through the first 2 to 3 weeks of June before things turn around. The new seasonal forecasts will be out in the next week.
My next Local Forecast will be out Sunday afternoon. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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