Tuesday Local Forecast

5/3/22 Tuesday 7:45 am
A quick wave will pass to our north later today. Another will pass early tomorrow. Between the two of them, Telluride and Red Mountain may get a couple of inches of snow before melting on the grassy surfaces. Light snow could fall over Wolf Creek tomorrow as the second wave moves out. I mentioned the other day that this pattern looks to last throughout much of May. Southwest Colorado will get very little beneficial moisture.
A totally different story will be playing out to the north as well as east of the Divide. I talked to my sister in Denver yesterday. She is itching to plant some flowers. It started snowing there while we were talking. I told her she probably needs to hold off on planting for now.
Watch below the number of storms that will come through (mostly) Northern Colorado over the next couple of weeks. You can see them passing through every couple of days.
Unfortunately, most of the precipitation stays to our north and east. As I said the other day, the good news is that historically May and June are our driest months of the year.
Here are the two-week precipitation forecasts for the state.
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  1. Ralph

    Hey Jeff if she can’t hold off planting just protect them under wall o waters ( made for tomatoes) they work amazingly well to extend the season call if you have questions

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