A Look At The Rest Of May And Beyond

5/14/22 Saturday 6:45 am
We will see a short break from the enhanced winds we had been experiencing. Remember, there were/are two factors affecting the winds, seasonality, and the La Nina-influenced pattern. So the seasonal winds will continue given the significant temperature changes from early morning to the afternoon. I cannot promise wind-free days. What I can say is that for the next few days the northern jet is going to retreat into Canada. This will shift the storm track much further north and we won’t be affected by the tightening of the pressure gradient. Unfortunately, this is only in the short term. It looks like after Wednesday, the ridge will flatten and the jet will drop south again. This pattern will bring cooler temps and windier conditions through May 25th.
Here are the (500MB) pressure anomalies through Wednesday. You will see a ridge of the high-pressure building to our west. The warmer colors indicate the location of the high-pressure ridge.
During the last couple of frames, you see the lines flatten, this means the pattern is transitioning from a ridge to a zonal flow. Then you can see the cooler colors dropping from the north, that is the jet and storm track dropping back south.
Here are the following 7 days (Wednesday evening the 18th through Wednesday, May 25th) picking up where we left off.
This will also be reflected in the temperatures. Here are the positive temperature anomalies for week 1.
Here are the negative temperature anomalies for week 2.
Here is the 15-day snowfall forecast. Just in case you thought winter was over in Colorado.
According to the longer range and seasonal models, the below-average precipitation will continue for SW Colorado for about the next 30 days. After that, they are forecasting above-average precipitation from Mid-June through August. This forecast has not changed in the last few months.
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