Pattern Change

5/28/22 Saturday  6:30 am

Today’s warm and windy conditions will give way to cooler, unsettled conditions beginning on Sunday. The wind will stick around (of course) on Sunday and temps will be substantially cooler. The big question will be how far south the precipitation will fall and at what elevation that rain will turn to snow.

This morning, there are two systems to our northwest.

The first system will continue to slide slowly to the southeast, passing to our north early Sunday. This will tighten the surface gradient bringing gusty winds today with very dangerous fire conditions. We saw a little taste of those winds yesterday. Today and tomorrow will be worse.

On Sunday the second system will move through, again to our north with a reinforcing shot of cooler air. This system will potentially be more unstable than the first one. Early indications are that there may be some convection (thunderstorms) with the second system. I am not a big fan of CAPE forecasts 36 hours out, so I will follow up on this Sunday mid-morning after the early high-resolution models generate.

Here is what this all looks like on the overnight Euro model. This begins tonight at 9 pm and ends Tuesday at 6 pm.

Enjoy the day, but hang on to your hat! My next update will be out before 9 am on Sunday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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