Friday Update A July Preview

6/24/22 Friday 6:30 am
A few nice rounds of thunderstorms made their presence felt across the area yesterday afternoon. In the areas that did get rain 0.25 to 0.60 inches of rain was common. A note about rain totals, I am going to post monthly totals next Friday, July 1st.  It is going to be pretty incredible because I have two areas that are already at historic levels for June–around 6 inches! One of them is Gem Village.
I was in downtown Durango securing weekend rations and as usual, I had to go to four (of four) stores and I still did not mark everything else off the list. When it first started raining it literally felt like Orlando, Florida in the summertime with the heat and humidity. Fortunately, when I got back home we had some heavy rain and the temperature plummeted, which was a nice relief. I have decided I like the sunny morning/rainy afternoon set-up. I have been spending a lot of time outdoors so it is nice to have it sunny for part of the day.
Showers today may develop but should be highly isolated. More storms will fire Saturday afternoon, still isolated, but more widespread than today. Sunday still looks like rain will fall most of the day and be more widespread, with some nice wetting rains throughout the forecast area. This will carry on through Monday.
Late yesterday, the Euro extended came out and as I expected, the good news does not end anytime in the foreseeable future.
Here are the extended totals for now through the end of the month.
Here is a look at now through the end of July
Here is the positive anomaly for July. This shows the excess rainfall amount above average for July.
 I have really enjoyed some of the still pictures people have sent me. I am still looking forward to seeing some videos. I will be shooting some myself soon, I am waiting for some equipment that is supposed to be here on Tuesday.
I wanted to shoot video yesterday because it was raining as hard as I have seen it in 5 years (but only for 15 minutes). I actually do have that video from August 2017, I will be re-posting that when I launch the channel. We got 2.3 inches of rain in less than an hour and the streets turned to streams in my subdivision. I actually got some regional and national views on television with that one.
I will post again on Saturday and see if I can refine the Sunday forecast a little clearer. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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