A Wet End Of July And The Extended Outlook

7/26/22 Tuesday 5:45 am
I was among some of the frustrated out there who watched storms barely miss my neighborhood or deposit 11 drops of rain on my driveway. Until yesterday, when a nice cell set up and deposited about 0.60″ in my area. I got reports from several other areas of similar amounts, 1 location south of Purgatory picked up just over an inch.
Don’t worry so much about day-to-day, there are 6 days left of the month. The models have juiced up those remaining 6 days. They were waffling back and forth on the weekend, but at the moment they seem to be agreeing that the afternoon storms will continue Saturday, Sunday, and beyond. This will likely affect the Telluride 100, especially in the afternoon. More on that in a couple of days.
Here are the latest models runs showing the precipitation amounts between now and Monday morning August 1st.
NOAA NBM blended model
NOAA WPC blended model
Today is Tuesday so it is time to look at the extended runs of the Euro and GFS. They are both showing strong positive precipitation anomalies through August.
Here are the forecast amounts above average.
GFS through August 28th
Euro through August 31st
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One thought on “A Wet End Of July And The Extended Outlook

  1. MO

    0.1” here just south of Lemon and Vallecito on 502 at 7800’ in the last two days. It’s been super dark over us but just no dice on moisture yet.

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