Saturday Update–Pattern Change

8/27/22 Saturday 10:15 am
I mentioned yesterday that it is difficult to determine when the monsoon is shutting down for the season. I am just going to leave that hanging out there for the time being.
I also mentioned that some locations in the forecast area may end up with slightly below normal precipitation totals for August. After I posted that, I spent more time looking around at various weather stations and determined that I was placing too much emphasis on what was happening in my own backyard versus what is happening elsewhere. A number of the locations I looked at showed some amazing totals for August. After yesterday some of the totals range from 5 to 7 inches for the month!
Yesterday the heaviest precipitation fell in La Plata County. Widespread amounts of 0.50 inches were common, and a few areas received 1.00 to 1.75 inches.
Today looks to be a transition day into a drier pattern. The models are showing high-pressure building in with lower chances of widespread precipitation in the afternoon. This pattern of only isolated showers in the afternoon looks like it will continue through at least mid-next week.
I am hesitant to look too much deeper into my weather crystal ball. Keep in mind what I said about the monsoon and we will see where this pattern leads us.
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