A Change Is On The Way

9/11/22 Sunday 5 am
Finally, something to talk about! I have been patiently waiting for our first taste of fall weather. The Front Range got a pleasant representation of fall yesterday. At 4 pm temperatures ranged from the upper 40s to lower 50s in the lower elevations with temps at or above the 8000-foot level in the upper 30s to low 40s.
We will not see that this week, but the temperature will be noticeably cooler beginning on Tuesday. It looks like widespread showers will be developing as well.
It seems like forever since I last did this but let’s put the maps in motion and see how this all plays out. The Euro has been very consistent for the last few days so that is the model I have chosen.
This starts Tuesday at 6 am and lasts through late Thursday night. Each frame represents 6 hours. The darker the shades, the heavier the precipitation. Green is liquid, and blue is snow. At the moment it looks like the snow level will be around 12,000 feet.
For today, isolated afternoon convective showers will be possible. These are the unpredictable type that favor the higher elevations but are possible anywhere. Tomorrow should be a relatively quiet day with lower chances of showers developing. I will follow up on that and the rest of the week tomorrow morning.
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One thought on “A Change Is On The Way

  1. Mike Smedley

    I’m staining the back deck today… so that will all but ensure there will be intense and isolated convective downpour directly over the house!!! Still, I’m going for it! Perhaps I will wash the car as well.

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