Friday Update–Storm Recap And Next Week’s Storm

11/4/22 Friday 1:20 pm

Overall the Wednesday morning full run of the European was the most accurate. Good to know going forward that with a few tweaks here and there I should be able to trust what I am seeing this winter.

Wolf Creek reported 20 inches, although the SNOTEL site near there reported slightly more. Red Mountain Pass ended up with 19 inches, Molas Pass came in with 15 inches and 16 inches was reported at Coal Bank Pass. Purgatory is not reporting yet, the snow stake is usually showing lower amounts than what actually fell. I got a report from Hermosa Cliffs Ranch of 14 inches, and 12 inches from Lake Purgatory. Hermosa Cliffs has some weird things going on orographically that usually lead to higher totals than Purgatory Resort, so I am going to guess 12 inches for Purgatory. I have no idea what fell at Telluride but it looked like about 10 inches on the mountain.

Other notable totals were 9.5 inches in Upper Durango Hills, 5 inches at CR503 at 7,500 feet, 4.4 inches in Lower Forest Lakes, and 3.75 inches north of Mancos at Silver Creek Ranch. I did not get the final totals from Upper Forest Lakes and Lemon. I did not get any reports from Vallecito.

The next couple of storms are going to come in north of our area, if you are traveling north or east of Grand Junction you may want to keep an eye on the weather.

Our next storm should come in Wednesday of next week. At the moment it looks weaker than this one was, but a lot could change between now and then. I have my eyes on it and I plan to do my first update on that storm on Sunday morning so make sure you tune in then.

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