Rain And Snow Showers Sunday Monday Tuesday Winter Storm On Wednesday

12/4/22 Sunday 7:15 am

Sundays and Tuesdays (for whatever reason) are my website’s highest-viewed days with the exception of the days we have big storms. So just a reminder, the contest drawing will be on Friday. I will reach out by email to the winners before announcing anything publicly. If I don’t have your email I will try to contact you by other means. If I don’t receive a response I will list people’s names in a post next week.

Scattered light rain and snow showers will develop later today and persist through Monday. The precipitation in the lower elevations may be more of a drizzle than a shower at times. More meaningful and organized precipitation will develop Tuesday night and continue through Wednesday. At the moment it appears that Wednesday’s precipitation will be impactful and reach advisory criteria. But there are still a few days to sweat out the details. For now, just keep in the back of your mind that Wednesday might be a challenging day for travel.

Keeping with the thought process I have had for a couple of days, I think it is better to look at the big picture when looking at the model precipitation forecasts.  Just know that late Tuesday through Wednesday is when the bigger totals will start. It very well could run later than that, I will be keeping an eye on the timing of that system.

Here are the latest precipitation forecasts


Euro–The Euro is trending up in its totals. This run is the”rapid update” run which only displays 90 hours of activity. According to previous runs, snow will continue for 9 to 12 hours longer than what is displayed here. We will have a better handle on that tomorrow.

Canadian–The Candian is forecasting an extended event with snow continuing Thursday and ending late Thursday night. Therefore, it shows much higher totals than other models. While that would be nice, I am not yet counting on that. However, we have seen the Canadian model predict this scenario before, sometimes it is correct and other times it is not.

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