Better Late Than Never

12/28/22 Wednesday 5 pm

I should know better than to promise frequent updates throughout a storm. I have had several on-and-off power outages and internet outages. The last one was for 3 hours. I am back online. Basically, the storm stalled, fooling all of the surface map algorithms and hand-drawn analysis, typical. Snow will fall on and off through the evening hours, I don’t expect significant accumulations but we never know. The heaviest snow tonight should fall in the northern portions of the forecast area: Telluride, Red Mountain, and Ouray. We have more snow on the way, in the coming days. I will talk more about that tomorrow.

Hopefully, my next update will be Thursday morning. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Greg

    The tail end of the storm left about another 4 inches of light powder in Rafter J, strange because it was coming down heavy and wet all day yesterday.

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