Wednesday Early Morning Update

12/28/22 Wednesday 5:15 am

So far, for the most part, the storm is about as expected, maybe even better. I measured 5 inches of wet heavy cement-like snow at my house at 3 am. Purgatory reported 8 inches at 5 am. Telluride so far has had only 4 inches (5 am). It looks like very heavy snow is falling at Wolf Creek.  Models indicate the precipitation should ramp up by mid to late morning, perhaps earlier My main concern continues to be the temperatures.

Heavy snow can lower temperatures and lower snow levels. We may need that to happen for the lower elevations to see decent accumulations. With the main storm energy way back near Las Vegas, it is far too early to judge this storm.

Here is the current surface map. It should update around 7 or 8 am.

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