Sunday Afternoon Update–Mid and Low Elevation Snow Forecasts

1/1/23 Sunday 1 pm

It started snowing at my house at 11 am. The snow started off not sticking, but with the moderate snow showers the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees, from 35 to 32 and it is starting to stick. Hopefully, this will continue.

As is usually the case, I will let the chips fall where they may for the higher elevations. I am not going to change my snow forecasts.

All of my forecasts are through Tuesday morning, however, I expect light snow to fall in many areas through Wednesday. As I mentioned earlier, these setups are perfect for leftovers. We could even see some snow squalls on Monday and Tuesday.

For the mid-elevations I expect 10 to 15 inches of additional snow. I expect higher amounts of 14 to 18 inches in areas above 7,800 feet.

For the lower elevations, I feel like the temperatures will drop similarly to the way they have in the mid-elevations. I think 4 to 8 inches are possible in Durango, Mancos, and Bayfield with higher amounts possible at Deer Valley Estates. My gut feeling is these totals are probably too low, but I have to go with the data I have.

Cortez and Ignacio should see 2 to 4 inches.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Update–Mid and Low Elevation Snow Forecasts

  1. Kate Feldman

    Hi Jeff. It’s 3;30 pm on Sunday. CR 125 across from Shenandoah; 7500′. I would say except for a few lulls, we are getting 1 inch an hour. I’m no professional but I took a walk and we were out for an hour and that’s what it seemed like. It’s glorious! Thanks for your posts. Keep it up and all the good humor too. I hope people aren’t asking you to be too serious. It is a lark reading your site! Happy New Year from kate and joel feldman.

  2. Mike Smedley

    In Durango, north edge of town, things began around noon. It’s a steady 34 F, so what’s coming down is slush. A lot of it. Very wet, not accumulating, but making everthing soggy. I had to put on a raincoat, not a parka, to get to the garage and take out the trash. Back in the day, we’d call this “mixed precipitation.” One crotchety friend would call it “snit” — half snow, half… But let’s be incredibly grateful for the moisture. I just hope the snit isn’t going to freeze tonight into an inch of ice on north walkways and roads like it did last mid-January. I’m thinking a rain gauge is how to measure this rather than a snow stake!

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