Monday Morning Update–Closures etc

1/2/23 Monday 6:30 am

I will do a full update later today, but I got an email from CDOT I wanted to share.

These closures happened overnight: 

1200 am — US 550 Coal Bank & Molas closed due to adverse weather conditions and avalanche risk. The closure is now in place for all three mountain passes, from Cascade MP 52 to Ouray MP 91. 
01:15 am — US 160 Wolf Creek Pass was closed for safety reasons — adverse weather and high avalanche danger. 
Also, crews are working on CO 145 Lizard Head Pass beginning at 06:30 am. The highway closes to northbound traffic just north of Rico and to southbound at Ophir. Maintenance work will take much of the morning. 
No estimate for an opening time on any of these highways. We are dealing with a lot of snow! 
I saw Purgatory is reporting 23 inches since yesterday morning.  Snow will continue on and off throughout the day and will increase slightly this afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Update–Closures etc

  1. Mike Smedley

    Monday morning (9:30 a.m.) North Durango/Aninas City. Temp is currently stalled at 30, with light snow falling. Overnight, all the “snow” that fell was mostly slush, and it’s frozen solid in many places this a.m. In some areas, it’s an inch of near-liquid slush with a crusty frozen top layer. Dang… a ton of moisture. I’m surprised that the Snow Water Equivalent in the Animas Basin only went up a couple of percentage points. This was a major drubbing of “San Juan Cement.”

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