Wednesday Update–Snowpack Looks Great!

1/4/23 Wednesday 7:45 am

Wolf Creek nearly caught up with Purgatory’s storm cycle total after another 11 inches of snow fell in the last 24 hours. The last 8-9 days have been very impressive. Very light on-and-off snow showers will persist in the highest elevations today before a quick-moving ridge builds in on Thursday. Overnight, Thursday into Friday morning a very quick-moving storm will hit the area bringing just a couple to a few inches of snow across the forecast area. It should dry out over the weekend and models are not in agreement about what happens next week.

I should have a better handle on Friday’s little storm tomorrow. Let’s take a look at the local snowpack!

For those of you new to reading this chart, people get confused with “Today’s Median” and “Median Peak” which are the two numbers on the furthest right side of the chart. The Basin Index (%) refers to the average of all of the measuring sites on the chart.

Using Vallecito as an example, they are at 132% of the average for this date.  The peak date for their snowpack is usually Apr 5th and they are currently at 55% of the average for the season. In other words, if no more precipitation fell between now and April 5th, then Vallecito would finish at 55% of the average snowpack for the season.

For the entire basin to already be at an average of 51% of the seasonal average (median peak) by January 3rd is great!

I will talk more about Friday’s storm tomorrow in my Thursday afternoon update.  Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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