Thursday Update–Storm Wrap Up And A Look At Next Week

2/16/23 Thursday 8:00 am

The last storm cycle was compact, brief, and packed full of energy and moisture. If you liked that, wait until next week. Things are already starting to align for a bigger storm cycle beginning Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Before I get to that here are the totals I have been sent so far.

Purgatory 37″

Hermosa Cliffs Ranch 31.1″

Wolf Creek 29″

North Vallecito 24″

Lower Forest Lakes 18.1″

Silver Creek Ranch 19.5″

Rico 22″

Silverton 20.5″

Telluride 16″

CR 228@502 18.5″

CR 201 21″

DW II 15″

Long Hollow 15″

Rockwood 17.5″

Sundance Hills 10″

Durango 7.5″

Aloo Gobi 7″

South of Mancos 10″

The models are going to change before the next storm cycle begins, but there is general agreement among the models that the next storm cycle will begin late Tuesday or Wednesday and could last through the weekend. This could once again have major impacts on the resorts and passes. The entire forecast area should get anywhere from several inches to two to four feet, by the time it is done.

Again, as promising as this looks this far out it will likely change.

Here are the total liquid precipitation forecasts from the models, from the first flakes (Tues/Wed), through Saturday. This does not necessarily mean it will be done snowing on Saturday.




I am very impressed with the European run. You may have noticed this winter that the European model has been understating the higher elevation area totals all season long. I will be watching very closely.

My next update will be on Friday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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