Saturday Storm Update

3/11/23 Saturday 7:30

Here is a quick update on the US 550 closure of Coal Bank and Molas Passes

“12 to 14 inches of new snow is being reported.  A safety closure was implemented at 06:35 a.m. No estimated time of opening. Patrols are reporting bank slips, with snow slides reaching the roadway. Avalanche danger is high. Very unfavorable conditions. The wind is blowing, and the snow is falling too heavily to consider avalanche control work at this time. We are watching Red Mountain Pass very closely.”

For this storm, the models will likely end up “right for the wrong reasons”. That happens a lot with these extended events. It is the reason in a 3-day storm I don’t try to forecast how much snow will fall for each 12 or 24-hour period, but rather forecast the event total.

The models have gotten a lot of the details wrong so far, but it will be interesting to see how things progress over the next 36 hours. Conditions will be favorable for periods of heavy snow to continue throughout the day and night.

So far, Telluride has had 5 inches despite the SW flow. Winds will shift before we are done so they have the best chance of seeing leftovers into Monday morning. Wolf Creek is only at 9 inches so far and they were in a bit of a lull but snow has started falling again.  Purgatory and Sliverton are both reporting 13 inches so far (likely closer to 15 at the moment).

I will keep post travel information as I get it, but my next regular post will likely be Sunday morning. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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