Wednesday Morning–Updated Pass Closure Information

3/22/23 Wednesday 6:30 am

US 160 Wolf Creek pass was closed at 9:30 pm for safety concerns, from Pagosa Springs to South Fork (MP 144-184).  A “soft” closure was implemented on the west side of the town of Pagosa to alert travelers to seek shelter in the town, rather than have to turn around at Treasure Falls, 15 miles away.

CO 145 Lizard Head Pass was closed for safety at 3 am, from Rico to Trout Lake (MP 47-61), south of Telluride.
Avalanche mitigation will be conducted on Wolf Creek, Lizard Head, and US 550 passes today while they are closed. No estimated time of opening. We’ll know more as crews tackle the slides and see how much snow is triggered onto the highways.
Things could get pretty nasty when the front passes later today or this evening. It is going to get very cold around here by Friday,  I will talk more about that later today.

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One thought on “Wednesday Morning–Updated Pass Closure Information

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Sleet at intersection of CR 228 and 02….elevation of 7,750 feet !! Temperature is 35 degrees. Windy too !!

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