Monday Afternoon Update

4/3/23 Monday 1:10 pm

No big changes on the morning model runs. All of the models continue to delay the onset of precipitation until tonight and tomorrow morning.

As I mentioned yesterday, I think the timing on the wind advisories and warnings may be a bit premature. I do believe their warranted, I would have just started them and ended them later. I think we will see a noticeable uptick in the winds very late this afternoon or this evening. I also believe the high winds will extend well beyond the 11 pm expiration.

I think light snow will continue throughout the day tomorrow and even into the evening and overnight hours in the higher elevations. I also would not rule out snow showers redeveloping in the higher elevations Wednesday afternoon.

It sounds like a lot, but I don’t think the totals will be that impressive. 8 to 12 inches for Wolf Creek. 6 to 10 for Rico, Molas, Coal Bank, and Red Mountain. 5 to 8 for Purgatory. 3 to 5 for Silverton and Telluride in town.  2 to 4 in the mid-elevations areas and I am going to include Dolores because they seem to do well in this type of set-up. Up to 2 inches (0 to 2 inches) of snow will be possible in all other areas before melting.

We may get a break starting Thursday! More details on that after this storm.

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