Saturday Morning Update–Seasonal Precipitation Outlooks

4/8/23 Saturday 7 am

For my next controversial topic (apparently, yesterday’s topic was controversial) we will look at the latest seasonal models. This is not something I have presented in the past. These models only update once per month. Here are the forecasted precipitation anomalies for April, May, and June.

Green means above-average precipitation, white is average, and brown is below. May and June are dry months for us anyway, so I don’t expect these anomalies to have a major effect on our situation.

US model April anomaly

The number at the bottom are not total amounts they refer to the anomaly amounts.

Canadian April

European April

US model May

Canadian May

European May

Us Model June: Because June is normally such a dry month it would only take one major rogue storm for this forecast to verify.

Canadian June

European June

Next month, I will dig a little deeper into the seasonal models. I have been asked about our upcoming monsoon season. I am not ready to give my official thoughts, but my current thinking is that we will have a later start and that it may be very robust and active this year.

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